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Towards the Anthropocene!

Geology is in a state of perturbation! Do current levels of human intervention on Earth justify the proclamation of a new geological era: the Anthropocene? Presently, geologists cannot find consensus regarding the validity of the made claim, yet, even without scientific validation the idea that now, after biology, ecology, and the environment, even geology is about to lose its virginity and aura of purity is indeed mildly shocking. Entering a realm of scientific uncertainty and discourse this thesis argues that the conceptualization of the Anthropocene (as a product of human ubiquity) yields the premise to summarize and critique a whole number of recent influential paradigm shifts and theoretical frameworks in architecture which, in essence, address the relationship between 'man-made' and 'natural' systems. This includes—but is not limited to—contemporary 'turns' and 'returns' towards biology, linguistics, cybernetics, digital production, chemistry, landscape, nature, sustainability, meteorology, environment, or ecology. In the process of interpreting architectural implications of anthropocene mechanisms, past assumptions and ideologies will be questioned, revealing that new organizational consequences result from rethinking former Holocene principles. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone yields great potential for exploring the anthropocene paradigm, precisely because it acts as a catalyst for all things '(un)cultural' and '(un) natural'. This thesis advocates to take advantage of the planned revitalization of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by proposing a visitor center, animal shelter, research station and anthropology institute worthy of new geological times!

Towards the Anthropocene! [above]: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone tower studies
Towards the Anthropocene! [above]: Material growth study
Towards the Anthropocene! [above]: Volumetric massing formations

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- Client: N/A
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Pripyat, Chernobly Exclusion Zone, Ukraine

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