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De-orchestrated Surfaces

De-orchestrated surface composites are derived from strict Cartesian organizations which, by adapting the regularity of the grid and unit through a set of geometric procedures, transform into complex, 'organic' systems. Breaking the regularity of the synthetic while blurring the boundaries between synthetic organizations and organic adaptations of natural geometric rule sets is the main focus and interest behind this study. The aggregation of simple geometric units and their transformations result in ambiguous figure ground relationships indicative of alternate connections between architectural organizations and landscape formations. 'De-orchestration' is aiming to re-evaluate part to whole relationships within fields of organizations and can be described as a strategy for designing the 'in-between': a crafted transformation which reads as neither man-made nor natural, neither field nor figure.

De-orchestrated Surfaces [above]: Surface studies detail
De-orchestrated Surfaces [above]: Surface studies detail
De-orchestrated Surfaces [above]: Surface studies details

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