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2014, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Duplex Villa Riyadh

Duplex Villa in Riyadh is an upscale residential housing project for the Saudi Arabian housing market. The modern design borrows notions from regional influences by implementing a fiber reinforced patterned concrete facade screen into the design of the building. The concrete screen allows for additional shading of facade openings, establishes a softening of daylight conditions, and provides a solution to privacy issues in dense housing developments. The villa plans are flexible and can be reconfigured in multiple ways for customized user experiences. The design of the Duplex Villa in Riyadh has been optimized for concrete precast construction, using Unicon, an advanced precast connection system developed by Munitec International.

Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Rendering of street facade by night
Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Massing diagram, site plan, axonometric view
Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Plans, elevation, exploded axonometric of window element diagram
Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Ground floor plan precast construction
Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Section through circulation zone precast construction
Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Concrete screen pattern generation
Duplex Villa Riyadh [above]: Concrete screen trancparency study

[Project Information]:
- Client: Mammut Technocrete FZE
- Budget: USD 1.2M
- Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

[Page status]:
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