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2018-current, New York City, NY

RRRolling Stones

Rolling across the meadows of Socrates Sculpture Park are twenty-five 3D printed concrete follies. The stones are both smooth and jagge(re)d, each turn reveals new curvature and seating profiles that adapt to different body types and sizes. Leveraging movement architecturally and as folly itself, park visitors discover new seating configurations with each turn. The furniture responds to scales within the park landscape, forming a long continuous bench object that becomes a destination and place marker within the Socrates meadow. The seats also aggregate into smaller continuous benches or disperse entirely to form different size seating groups or solitary compositions. The seats are 3D printed using a large scale 3D printer at the Cornell Robotic Construction Laboratory (RCL). 3D printing with concrete enables the creation of 25 affordable and self-similar, but ultimately entirely invividual and unique seats. The fabrication process fosters both unfamiliar yet recognizable expression: while the sectional profiles reference archetypes of chairs, seats, and lounge chairs, the peculiar fabrication process becomes materially ingrained in the machine-idiosyncratic interior-exterior tectonics of the seats. RRRolling Stones is the winner of the 2018 Folly/Function Competition, organized by Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League of New York: [Link]

RRRolling Stones [above]: RRRolling Stones prototype seat
RRRolling Stones [above]: Folly/Function RRRolling Stones 3D Printed Seat Prototype
RRRolling Stones [above]: RRRolling Stones - movement as Folly
RRRolling Stones [above]: RRRolling Stones Cluster
RRRolling Stones [above]: RRRolling Stone Detail

[Project Information]:
- Client: HANNAH Design Office LLC
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Ithaca, NY, USA

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