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New York - Stuttgart - Shanghai
纽约 - 斯图加特 - 上海

2016, Shanghai, China

Precast Tower Concept

Taking advantage of new construction technologies in the industry, HANNAH designed a modular precast concrete tower housing prototype in collaboration with Munitec GmbH – a company specializing on rapid assembly connections for precast concrete construction. Conceived for the Chinese market and Shanghai based developer CEG, the housing prototypes aims to explore the architectural possibilities of modular rapid assembly housing. The tower building consists of multiple vertical core structures that contain critical building infrastructure systems and serve as a zone of functional poche for the apartments. Varying the orientation of those cores creates a variety of unit configurations in plan. Walls, beams, and ceiling panels are modular. The building is raw and has an industrial character. Where possible, the precast concrete elements are revealed and complimented with warm wood surfaces. Fire stairs are exposed and become prominent architectural features of the building. The modularity of the precast tower system is further investigated urbanistically, developing low-rise city fabric options which challenge predominant modernist tower urbanism.

Precast Tower Concept [above]: Front elevation with tilted walls
Precast Tower Concept [above]: Exploded unit axonometric, exterior perspective, and interior perspective
Precast Tower Concept [above]: Interior perspective, exterior prespective, exploded frontal axonometric

[Project Information]:
- Client: Munitec GmbH & CEG (China Eagle Group) Schwarzwald
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Shanghai, China

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