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2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Modular Mosque Abu Dhabi

In collaboration with structural engineers and building industry, HANNAH conntributed consulting services for a modular mosque prototype in Abu Dhabi that uses Unicon precast connection technology. The mosque’s precast elements were manufactured at the precast division of Square General Contracting of Abu Dhabi. During assembly, the Unicon system allows for a simultaneous simple coupling not only of the building components, but also for the seamless integration of ancillary elements such as power supply, fresh water, ventilation and wastewater. Owing to the geometry of the connector, the dead load of the components produces pressure when acting against each other, thus making it possible to have joints that are impermeable to wind and water.

Modular Mosque Abu Dhabi [above]: Precast panel facade elevation
Modular Mosque Abu Dhabi [above]: Unicon precast module connector system
Modular Mosque Abu Dhabi [above]: Modular Mosque building process

[Project Information]:
- Client: Munitec GmbH, Reutlingen
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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