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2017-current, Ithaca, NY

Corbel-Bacon Cabin

Corbel-Bacon cabin is a small vacation home for a couple. The structure explores corbelled structures in concrete 3D printing and investigates log slicing using Cornell RCL’s open source KUKA KR200/2 with a band saw end effector. The building has a footprint of roughly 3x3 meters and lifts off the ground on 3D printed legs which adjust to the terrain. The legs are arranged in an interlocking pattern to provide lateral stability. The concrete structure is characterized by three programmatic areas, a table, a storage seat element, and a 6.5m tall working fireplace. The lightweight wood skin is conctructed out of irregular full scale tree elements which are robotically sliced along the entire length of the log (= to bacon). Corbel-Bacon cabin is currently under construction.

Corbel-Bacon Cabin [above]: Birds eye view of 3D printed structural base
Corbel-Bacon Cabin [above]: Rebar cage in sacrificial 3D printed formwork layer, view of cabin, view of underside of concrete structure
Corbel-Bacon Cabin [above]: 3D printing process, robotic fabrication process, concrete detail
Corbel-Bacon Cabin [above]: Exploded foundation axonometric and construction process axonometric (with older, and now obsolete, wood skin option)
Corbel-Bacon Cabin [above]: Elavation and drone view

[Project Information]:
- Client: HANNAH Design Office LLC
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Ithaca, NY, USA

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