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2010, Reykjanes, Iceland

Geothermal Power Plant Iceland

Geoformer is invested in the articulation of man-made and natural landscapes in Iceland. The scale of Geoformer ranges from a masterplan for Reykjanes peninsula to the development of a geothermal power plant with an integrated eco-tourism visitor center and large scale farming infrastructure. Geoformer impacts Reykjanes peninsula at the level of economy, tourism and landscape. It develops strategies for inhabiting the moon-like lava fields of Reykjanes with a new form of 'domesticated landscape' - made possible by the use of energy externalities from Icelandic geothermal energy production. For generations, Icelanders used geothermal energy to alter environmental conditions to enable agriculture and aquaculture that otherwise could not be sustained within Iceland’s harsh climatic conditions. All across Iceland, the use of geothermal energy produces 'almost natural' yet man-made conditions such as the famous Blue Lagoon thermal bath. Geoformer occupies the intermediate realms between man-made and natural landscape conditions, producing a domestic layer of landscape that, over time, will blur the distinction between synthetic and organic organizations and ecologies. In this process Geoformer establishes an alternate relationship between landscape, architecture, and geology while questioning traditional landscape dichotomies.

Geothermal Power Plant Iceland [above]: Massing model in fissure swarm landscape
Geothermal Power Plant Iceland [above]: Site plan
Geothermal Power Plant Iceland [above]: Ground floor plans and diagrams
Geothermal Power Plant Iceland [above]: Sectional perspective

[Project Information]:
- Client: N/A
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

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