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New York - Stuttgart - Shanghai
纽约 - 斯图加特 - 上海

2012, Hangzhou, China



p class="three-col">Hyperfabric: In Hangzhou, building height restriction is employed to preserve views and historical values. This approach renders a comparatively low density in the city center: unable to accommodate the pressure of rapid urbanization, much of the existing social and urban construct are continuously challenged and removed in order to embrace new profit-driven developments resulting in functional separation. This leads to a homogenized and highly commercialized yet low density fabric. The ambition of this project is to revive the social construct by providing a new architectural language to intervene within historic city centers where vertical expansion is not permissible. The design proposes a hyper-density approach to reconstruct the social program and to integrate with the commercial fabric. Standard circulation of the street blocks and open space are strategically eliminated to provide an opportunity for insertion of civic functions. Oblique floor plates are introduced as an architectural terrain to operate and negotiate between two systems, the social and the commercial. While each system inherits its own set of distinct floor heights and programmatic parameters, discrepancies between 5 meters (commercial) and 3 meters (social fix) floor heights are identified as opportunities to privilege circulation, public space, daylight requirements, or flexible social program (social flex). In this sense, hyper-density is fulfilled quantitatively by sets of floor plates delivering FAR counts and program units, as well as qualitatively by the construct of mixed-use areas and intensification of public access or public space.

Hyperfabric [above]: Perspective view of residential areas
Hyperfabric [above]: Library, shopping, and subway connection
Hyperfabric [above]: Sectional perspective
Hyperfabric [above]: Massing model

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- Client: N/A
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Hangzhou, China

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