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2014, Cambridge, MA, United States

MIT Media Lab Greenhouse Facade

HANNAH designed a hanging farm facade laboratory for the MIT City Farm Group in the lobby space of the new Fumihiko Maki Media Lab extension building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The structure attaches to and cantilevers off of three maintenance walkways in front of the existing facade, giving the appearance of a floating bridge structure. The laboratory will be used for testing aeroponic and hydroponic vegetable farming systems in daylight to reduce energy consumption during the farming process. The lightweight facade screen references notions of lush 19th century greenhouse architecture ornamentation and sets up a clear distinction to the existing achromatic architectural language.

MIT Media Lab Greenhouse Facade [above]: Sectional perspective with view of farm facade interior towards Media Lab main lobby
MIT Media Lab Greenhouse Facade [above]: Interior view of aquaponic and aeroponic planting systems
MIT Media Lab Greenhouse Facade [above]: Sectional perspectives with integrated facade systems

[Project Information]:
- Client: MIT Media Lab City Farm Group, Cambridge, MA
- Budget: USD 0.5M
- Location: Cambridge, MA

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