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2011, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel

From pirates, tortoises, and Darwin to the great goat problem in the 1990’s - Galapagos is a complex network of ecological and historical relationships. Architecture on the Galapagos Islands needs to acknowledge this struggle and - within the context and history of the islands - has to raise the question if this is the right place for conservationist thinking. At present, there is a distinct and sharp divide between 'man-made' and 'natural endemic' systems on inhabited islands of the Galapagos. The divide is responsible for many of the resource problems and contradictions of the archipelago. Common consensus (among government officials, NGO’s and researchers) is that natural systems ought to be preserved and shielded off from any human influence. However, the reality of the inhabited islands does not quite come close to a 'zero encroachment' policy. Galapagos Ecological Modernism argues that the preservationist 18th century notion on the national park makes it impossible to rethink the current dilemmas of the islands. Instead of aiming for a utopian protectionist policy (which ultimately results in uncontrollable mixture of systems), encroachment should be part of a controlled design process. The acknowledgment of new realities will encourage a re-conceptualization of the troubled relationship between natural and man made systems - while simultaneously addressing larger infrastructural problems outside of architecture. The project is neither interested in protectionism nor integration - it investigates means of conceptualizing architectural encroachment upon nature (superimposition) as well as it is interested in processes of natural encroachment upon architecture (counter-camouflage). As an architectural strategy, the project intentionally embraces the disputable modernist agenda of elevated soffits to both protect and eradicate vegetation underneath the cantilever. The vertical layering within Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel aims for a co-existence of various natures as it erases as well as produces new hybrid ecologies.

Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel [above]: Sectional model 1:50 scale
Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel [above]: Section through restaurant and structural column
Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel [above]: Restaurant floor plan
Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel [above]: Plan of hotel complex
Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel [above]: Conceptual section
Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel [above]: Sketches of structural system

[Project Information]:
- Client: N/A
- Budget: N/A
- Location: Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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