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New York - Stuttgart - Shanghai
纽约 - 斯图加特 - 上海

2008, Stuttgart, Germany

Floating Pavilion

Floating pavilion is based on a series of truss-frames and is designed to host small cultural programs and exhibition spaces. The interior spaces can be re-configured due to a column-free interior. The revolving truss-frame allows for an easy adaptation to the undulating groundscape, resulting in a pavilion which seemingly floats in the landscape. Project developed in collaboration with Chaoya Wang, Weijie Wang, and Liang Xu.

Floating Pavilion [above]: Structural model
Floating Pavilion [above]: Structural model details
Floating Pavilion [above]: Elevation long

[Project Information]:
- Client: N/A
- Budget: N/A
- Location: N/A

[Page status]:
- Eine deutsche Projektbeschreibung folgt in Kürze.
- 中文的项目介将被更新

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