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2013, Arbon, Switzerland

Arbon Middle School

The planimetric and sectional organization of HANNAH-designed middle- and primary school in Arbon, Switzerland is characterized by a specific system of circulation - two classrooms share one stair connecting to the main circulation level on the ground floor (upper level). The kindergarten is located on the ground floor of the lower levels while a gym is integrated into the slope of the site. This produces a small outdoor auditorium which can be used for theater performances in the summer. The school's facade is derived from common day lighting optimization requirements and will be constructed from colored glass panels in common areas.

Arbon Middle School [above]: Picture of 1:500 plaster model
Arbon Middle School [above]: Section A-A
Arbon Middle School [above]: Ground floor plan
Arbon Middle School [above]: Section B-B
Arbon Middle School [above]: Elevation West
Arbon Middle School [above]: Birds eye perspective view of entrance area

[Project Information]:
- Client: City of Arbon, Arbon, Switzerland / Competition
- Budget: USD 16.5M
- Location: Arbon, Switzerland

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