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New York - Stuttgart - Shanghai
纽约 - 斯图加特 - 上海

RRRolling Stones

2018-current, New York City, NY

– Concrete 3D printing, furniture, Folly/Function 2018 Winner

Corbel-Bacon Cabin

2017-current, Ithaca, NY

– Concrete 3D printing, corbelling, cabin, robotic wood construction

Additive Architectural Elements

2016-2017, Ithaca, NY

– Concrete 3D printing, corbelling, elements of architecture, concrete, gravel

3D Printed Public Infrastructures

2016-current, Suzhou, China

– Public infrastructure, 3D printing, WinSun, concrete

3D Printed Guard House

2016, Suzhou, China

– Construction, 3D printing, WinSun, concrete, prototype

Dental Clinic Ladakh

2014-17, Leh, India

– Construction, dental clinic, non-profit, modular, low-budget, India

Precast Tower Concept

2016, Shanghai, China

– Housing, precast concrete, modular, loft, industrial

Duplex Villa Riyadh

2014, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

– Precast technology, housing, modular, elements, concrete screen

Guggenheim Helsinki

2014, Helsinki, Finland

– Guggenheim, Helsinki, competition, museum, catenary structure, concrete

MIT Media Lab Greenhouse Facade

2014, Cambridge, MA, United States

– Greenhouse, farming, food, growth, technology, hydroponics, aquaponics

Arbon Middle School

2013, Arbon, Switzerland

– Education, pedagogy, section, kindergarten, roof, competition

Towards the Anthropocene!


– Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, nature, culture, man-made, organic, toxicity, geology

Modular Mosque Abu Dhabi

2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE

– Precast conrete, Unicon connection system, Munitec, modular building

Wilhelma Stuttgart

2006, Stuttgart, Germany

– Botanical garden, zoo, greenhouse architecture, steel construction

Galapagos Ecological Modernism Hotel

2011, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

– Galapagos Islands, tourism, Darwin, national park, vegetation, conservation


2012, Hangzhou, China

– Mixed use, shopping, housing, retail, urban, public realm

Geothermal Power Plant Iceland

2010, Reykjanes, Iceland

– Geothermal energy, terra forming, landscape, soil collection, landform

Milieus and Algorithms


– Processing, computation, growth simulation, drawing

De-orchestrated Surfaces


– Surface, organization, parametrics, fields, landscape

Floating Pavilion

2008, Stuttgart, Germany

– Structure, truss, undulating ground, wood constrcution

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