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18/1/21 Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic will present their project "Additive Architectural Elements - A New Robotic Brutalism" at the upcoming 2018 ACSA Annual Meeting in Denver. [Link]

18/1/20 Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic will present their project "Case Study: Full Scale Concrete 3D Printing of Corbelled Sacrificial Formwork in Buildings" at the upcoming 2018 Digital Concrete conference at ETH Zurich. [Link]

17/12/7 Leslie Lok joins Nicholas Bruscia for final graduate research studio reviews at University of Buffalo. [Link]

17/11/16 Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic will exhibit their HANNAH project "Additive Architectural Elements - A New Robotic Brutalism" at pinkcomma gallery in Boston in April 2018. [Link]

17/11/14 Leslie Lok joins Bing Bu for final design studio reviews at Syracuse University. [Link]

17/11/2 Sasa Zivkovic and Christopher Battaglia present their paper "Open Source Factory: Democratizing Large-Scale Fabrication Systems" at the 2018 ACADIA Disciplines & Disruptions conference at MIT. [Link]

17/10/26 Sasa Zivkovic interviews Sasa Begovic for "The Making of Practice" lecture series at Cornell AAP. [Link]

17/10/26 Sasa Zivkovic organizes the "Will this Robot Take my Job" colloquium in collaboration with AAP Critically Now and the Cornell Center for European Studies. [Link]

17/10/12 Leslie Lok presents her research paper "No More Tower Deserts! Towards an Urbanism of Mat-organization" at the ACSA Fall Conference in Marfa, Texas. [Link]

17/10/6 Sasa Zivkovic (RCL), Martin Miller, and Christopher Battaglia (RCL) will teach a workshop called "Sub-Additive 3D Printing of Optimized Double Curved Concrete Lattice Thin Shell Structures" at the 2018 ROB|ARCH conference at ETH Zurich. [Link]

17/9/5 Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic present their recent work at the Young Architects Forum of the 2017 UIA Conference in Seoul, Korea. [Link]

17/8/30 Sasa Zivkovic gives an introduction to Sasa Begovic's lecture "Interventions in Public Space" at Cornell AAP. [Link]

17/8/18 HANNAH finishes phase 1 of construction for the Corbel-Bacon cabin project in Ithaca. [Link]

17/7/13 Sasa Zivkovic presents recent work for the "Introduction to Architecture" summer program at Cornell AAP in Ithaca, NY. [Link]

17/5/25 Sasa Zivkovic, Derek Warner, Kenneth Hover, and Timur Dogan get awarded a Rapid Response Fund Grant for the proposal "Concrete Building Innovation" from the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future. [Link]

17/3/1 Jenny Sabin and Sasa Zivkovic co-organize the symposium "Matter Design Computation: The Art of Building from Nano to Macro" at Cornell AAP. [Link]

16/12/10 Sasa Zivkovic joins Christopher Romano for final studio reviews at University of Buffalo. [Link]

16/11/3 Sasa Zivkovic joins Sheila Kennedy for studio and seminar reviews at MIT. [Link]

16/10/27 Sasa Zivkovic joins Frano Violich for studio reviews at Harvard Graduate School of Design. [Link]

16/6/29 Leslie Lok, Ana Sverko, and Sasa Zivkovic co-teach a workshop at the University of Split, Croatia. [Link]

16/6/29 Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic present their paper "Beyond the Ecology of Concrete Sausages" at the 2016 ACSA International Conference in Santiago, Chile. [Link]

16/6/7 Sasa Zivkovic gets appointed Assistant Professor at Cornell AAP. [Link]

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