Architecture & Design

New York - Stuttgart - Shanghai
纽约 - 斯图加特 - 上海

Past and Current


The experimental nature of our work would be impossible to pursue without an incredibly talented, dedicated, and passionate team of designers. We thank everyone who has contributed to research and projects in the past several years.

Charles Cupples
Andrew Fu
Hanxi Wang
Christopher Battaglia
Jeremy Bilotti
Ainslie Cullen
Kun Bi
Lingzhe Lu
Gary Esposito
Jessica Jiang
Alexandre Mecattaf
Stephen Clond
Justin Foo
Charisse Tsien Mei Foo
Elie Boutros
Yuxin Chen
Ethan Davis
Justin Hazelwood
Mitchie Qiao
Ramses Gonzalez
Derek Yi
Isabel Lucia Branas Jarque
Xiaoxue Iris Ma
Yichen Jia
Kun Bi
Olivier Ducharme
Brian Havener

HANNAH Assembly Patrons:
Wangda Zhu
Dax Simitch Warke
Russell Southard

HANNAH Co-Principals:
Alexander Chmarin
Alexander Graf
Leslie Lok
Sasa Zivkovic

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